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So, I am writing my first blog for Active Recovery and not quite sure where to start. There are so many directions to go and so much information I want to give to everyone. I figured I would start with the basics….who or what is Active Recovery.  Branding starts here I guess. Active Recovery is a physical therapy clinic based in Hattiesburg, MS offering the best care through expert training and cutting-edge techniques/treatments. Sounds great right! Well I am proud to say that it is actually true. I have an extensive background in outpatient physical therapy and orthopedics. Look at all the letters on my business card; PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, FAAOMPT. Looks awesome but really just means one thing, I worked very hard and studied many hours to be specialized in manual therapy and orthopedics. Fortunately, orthopedics is somewhat broad in that I learned a lot about neurology, the neuromuscular system, chronic pain, movement, and so on and so on and so on. I say all of this to come to a point, I was fortunate enough to open this practice with the vision that the only option is maintaining a standard of excellence so that every person we treat and can rest knowing that they are in good hands…literally. I would love for Active Recovery Physical Therapy to become the premiere rehab facility of our area all while growing and bringing in multiple expert level specialists representing all areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Having said that, I would like to get into my main topic for the day, making your own decisions about your healthcare. In today’s world our decisions are often driven by insurance, doctors, medical systems and can be limited or not even available at times. This concerns me not only as a small private practice owner but also as a consumer of health care myself. This has never been more apparent to me since starting the process of opening the clinic, getting in network with insurance, and marketing to other health care providers. Our decisions are molded by the care we receive, and that care is more times than not guided by what we are told to do or where our insurance will allow us to go (and stay within coverage). Not to be all doom and gloom about health care or insurance, I think the systems in place work well for many folks, but on the other end I think as a consumer we need to educate ourselves as well. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION!!! That decision may lead down a road that is a bit bumpier such as the dreaded “out of network” tag which typically means you pay more money or straight out of pocket for that particular service, test, or treatment. Some that are fortunate to have the option to go right out and pay cash for the service THEY CHOOSE,  not everyone can do that and as I said before the choices become more limited. That’s probably never going to change, but knowing the difference between being told to go to see this doctor, specialist, therapist or whatever versus you choosing a provider that fits your needs or goals is important.

Active Recovery Physical Therapy would love to be your choice for physical therapy. I would love to have everyone want to come see us and be that perfect fit. Unfortunately for me, I am not perfect or perfect for everyone(although I will always try my best). I know many of you have been in the situation where your at a check up or follow up with the doctor, PA, nurse practitioner or whoever and get a referral for another service, I will use therapy as an example as that is my deal, and you say hey I know a therapist can I go see them OR the doctor says hey go see so and so for therapy. I LOVE IT when I hear someone tell me, “the doctor said I can go where ever I want”, but there are times I hear “well I thought I had to go where they told me” or “ I didn’t know I could take the prescription to another clinic not associated with the doctor”. This is me telling you, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION AND TAKE THE PERSCRIPTION WHERE EVER YOU FEEL WILL HELP YOU THE MOST!!! Hopefully you have the coverage or means to make that happen because not only did you get to take part in molding your health care experience, you are at a place that you are comfortable with and want to be. That in and of itself is a great step towards improving your situation. That’s not to say the place that is recommended is not good or you should always choose to go somewhere else, I am just simply saying you can choose to make that decision yourself. Empowerment comes through confidence in the decisions we make, so take control when you can and make the experience what you want.

As I venture into the next phase of my life and growing what I hope to be a great clinic, I can’t help but think about all the great health care available in our area.  Often the referral for therapy is based on the person writing it and their knowledge/comfort with a certain practice or facility. You can’t fault that. They go with what they know and are busy. They can’t know what every therapist in the area is capable of or what they offer. They just know what is familiar and trust that process. It is more on smaller clinics, like myself, to get that information out to you, the consumer, the client, the patient and educate the doctors on exactly what it is that we do as physical therapist or what makes Active Recovery Physical Therapy different and special. And I plan to do that the best that I can as I have worked very hard to get here. I want Active Recovery Physical Therapy to be the best facility for your needs and goals.

This post is a bit of a rant and I get that, but I think that my overall message is important for everyone to hear. Don’t let other people, clinics, insurance, or me take away or limit the decisions you make. Your health is most important to YOU and YOU have the RIGHT to make the decisions that guide YOU in whatever direction YOU feel is best. That is a lot of “you”.  Just think about this next time a decisions comes around, and I hope that if you need physical therapy you will do some research, obviously first thing is to visit activerecoveryms.com (just kidding….but seriously check us out), and find the person that fits your personality, goals, and comfort level. I hope that this was entertaining if not helpful and look forward to writing more posts which I promise will be more related to physical therapy. Until next time, stay active.

Stephen Worrel

Stephen Worrel


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