Now, what does “Performance Movement Analysis” really mean? Long story short, it is an assessment that allows us to take a deeper look at how your body moves in order to recognize potential barriers for optimal physical/athletic performance, while also preventing future injuries and addressing current aches and pains. Clear as mud, right? Before we dive into this further, let me explain to you why this is so important to me and how it came about.

As I became a physical therapist, I learned that I love educating patients and teaching them how to move their body using efficient movement patterns. Even more so, I loved educating them on their injuries especially when that education would help them reach their goals. As physical therapists, we should be able to teach our patients WHY they are in pain, WHY they are at risk for injury, and HOW to better understand their body. Every individual should have the tools and resources necessary to manage their issues, to perform better, and to reach their maximum potential. Whether that means being able to lift and carry groceries, or to participate at the highest level of an athletic competition. 

So what does all this mean and why should it matter to you? At Active Recovery Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on expert level assessment through our Performance Movement Analysis. We will look to see if there are certain joints that are restricted, or maybe soft tissue limitations that are affecting your flexibility. We will also look at any muscle weakness or imbalances, as well as overall coordination or what we describe as “motor control”. Meaning, can you utilize the mobility and strength that you do have in your body? After completing an in-depth assessment of how your body functions, we will design a personalized home exercise program focusing on the areas of concern.

Our “Performance Movement Analysis” service is a 1-hour cash pay session that will give you all the necessary tools to take your movement to the next level. For some individuals, one appointment is enough to learn what they need to do. However, we also offer additional follow-up appointments to further review the home program and progress exercises. Ultimately, the goal is that YOU know how to best treat your limitations and that YOU know how to move your body efficiently. 

Sounds exciting and informative right? I certainly think so, but I am also a little biased. Besides, this is my passion and why I continue to enjoy my career as a physical therapist! With all of that said, give us a call today at 601-602-4652 to set up your very own movement analysis appointment! Have more questions? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss further with you!

As always, stay ACTIVE!

Lauryn Layne


Active Recovery Physical Therapy