Performance Analysis- Injury Screening

Performance Movement Analysis- Injury Prevention and Screening

Need Help Recovering from a Sports Injury? Looking to Improve Your Sports Performance?

Performance Movement Analysis- Injury Prevention and Screening is the Right Choice
Performance Movement Analysis- Injury Prevention and Screening

Our “Performance Movement Analysis” service takes a deeper look at your biomechanical and structural alignment, while assessing for motor control and movement faults that may place you at greater risk of injury.

This package is tailored specifically for athletes but is customized for YOU based on your sport demands. Whether that be Olympic lifting, dance, football, golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, and everything in between! This package can also be tailored for those individuals who are initiating a return to a workout routine, but need some further guidance regarding proper form of exercises and education on how to progress strength training.

Services include an evaluation that will determine what mobility impairments or movement faults that need to be addressed, with subsequent follow up appointments as needed. With the evaluation, there will be an initial home exercise program established to get you started on achieving your athletic goals. Follow up treatment sessions are then provided as needed for each individual, as determined by the physical therapist. We offer these at an individual appointment rate, or as a package deal. An evaluation will last about 60 minutes, while all follow up sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes in length. Follow up sessions will focus on corrective exercises, mobility techniques/exercises, and progression of home exercise program.