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Active Recovery’s foundation is providing the highest quality care to patients through excellence and expertise in physical therapy. It is our vision to elevate the standard of care throughout the area so that every patient receives the best treatment aimed at restoring function and returning to an active lifestyle.

Sports Rehabilitation

As experts in movement, our sports rehab specialists serve as your first line of care when you experience pain, discomfort or injury while training or competing in your sport.

Spine Specialist

Our physical therapists specialize in spine health and patient education. We focus not just on treating pain, but on determining its cause to create a better outcome and getting you back to an active lifestyle.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly and with our physical therapy team at your side. Whether coming into see us before surgery or after, our goal is to get you stronger and moving better for the best overall outcome.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

A unique technique that uses a thin monofilament needle to release trigger points(knots) in your muscle in order to improve pain, mobility, and overall function.  It can be used on many different injuries and diagnoses to improve a person’s ability to stay active and healthy.  

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