Active Performance

At Active Recovery, we offer additional specialty services that on a cash-pay basis, allowing us to provide the highest quality rehabilitation for those who prefer to use a cash basis for treatment or are out of network. This also allows us to provide services not traditionally covered by insurance and specialized performance-based services. These services are specialized with each of our trained therapists to provide the most individualized care for you and your performance goals. Each of these services are in a private 1:1 setting with your therapist.

Services included in this section of our clinic include

Physical Therapy (1 hour appointment)

Our Active Recovery team can further assist you with your physical therapy goals and concerns through a cash-pay rate if your insurance is out of network, if you have exhausted all of your insurance benefits for the year, or if you are seeking specialized 1:1 physical therapy care with our highly trained therapists.

Running Gait Analysis (2 hour appointment)

This specialty service includes a biomechanical and structural assessment, video analysis for running mechanics with feedback on findings, and correct exercises to improve your running efficiency.

Performance Movement Assessment and Injury Screen (1 hour appointment)

This performance service takes a deeper look at your biomechanical and structural alignment, while assessing for motor control and movement faults that may place you at greater risk of injury. An evaluation lasts about 60 minutes and includes an individualized home exercise program with corrective exercises. 

Pelvic Floor and Women’s Health (1 hour appointment)

Our pelvic health services can address a wide array of diagnoses in the pelvic region for both males and females, as well as a special emphasis in women’s health for pregnancy and post-partum concerns.


Please call for cash-pay rates for our specialty services