Running and Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis

Active Recovery Physical Therapy strives to be a leader in running related injury prevention, treatment, and education. Using high quality video assessment, we are able to breakdown your running patterns in order to elevate your efficiency and establish a plan to improve mobility and strength to get your running your best race. Whether healthy and looking to improve running gait patterns and gait efficiency or struggling with a nagging injury, Active Recovery is there to help you get moving and back to enjoying your runs.

Often times runners get into a “rut” of training style, race times, or lingering pains/injuries that can limit your ability to perform and enjoy a simple run or race. Using a combination of functional movement and structural assessment with a video based gait analysis we breakdown the way you move and find areas that we can help to improve your running.

Our biomechanical and structural assessment looks at not only how you move but makes sense of how your specific body structure plays a role in that movement. As runners we often find very clever ways to compensate for muscle weakness, poor muscle control, or specific structural deficits. Our assessment allows us to identify those impairments and create a personalized plan to improve your strength, mobility, and control for better running form and efficiency.

Following our in-depth hands on assessment we use video analysis software to watch you run and find areas of weakness or concern. We look at various angles of your running gait from stride length and strike pattern to your ability to control each movement as your land and push off.

We offer individualized packages to meet your needs and goals in order to get you back to running happy and healthy.

  • Biomechanical and Structural Assessment with Home Exercise Program
  • Biomechanical and Structural Assessment + Video Analysis with feedback on findings
  • Above + HEP tailored to findings
  • BFR package + Running Gait Package- Biomechanical/Structural Assessment and Video Analysis with HEP and BFR performance training sessions (price varies based on number of BFR sessions required)
  • Great for lingering post op weakness or long standing weakness from previous injury without limitation of pain.

**If specific findings and limitations of pain are your main limiting issue a physical therapy plan could be utilized to have visits covered with extra cost for BFR if needed.