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FAQ and Insurance Questions

Q: Do you accept my insurance?

A: We have several insurances we are in network with at this time but to be more specific to your needs please call us and we will provide a courtesy insurance verification to check for you.

Q: If I am out of network can I still come to Active Recovery?

A: Yes, while we may not be in network with your insurance provider we can still take you as a patient.  In this case you would be responsible for the cost of the visit at the time of your appointment but you are able to file the claim yourself using a special “super ticket” with all the necessary information needed to submit to insurance. Often times there is some form of re-imbursement from your insurance company but because we are “out of network” it usually does not cover the full cost of the visit.

Q: If I do not want to use my insurance, can I see you on a cash pay basis?

A: Short answer is it depends on your insurance. We do offer cash pay services to Non-Medicare patients through Active Performance, which deals in only cash pay services. While this is an option we do recommend using your insurance when you are able to do so.

Due to the current laws, when in network with an insurance provider or if you are a member of a Medicare insurance plan, Active Recovery is not legally able to see you without billing your insurance.

Q: Active Performance, what is that?

A: In short, Active Performance is the cash pay portion of our clinic that offers services not covered by or does not typically require physical therapy such as running gait analysis, performance training with blood flow restriction,  biomechanical and structural assessments, etc. When a person wants private 1:1 sessions with the therapist they also can use this avenue for physical therapy but we do suggest using your insurance if that is a possibility.

See Active Performance tab for more information.

Q: Do I need a referral in order to come Active Recovery as a patient?

A: Yes, a referral from a medial professional such as a doctor (MD or DO), nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, etc. is required as Mississippi does not have true Direct Access.

A referral is valid and able to be taken anywhere it is that you see fit and it is YOUR CHOICE as to your care. You have the right to go and have treatment anywhere you would like regardless of where the referral comes from.